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Resource Consents

Creation of any new sections, lots, titles or boundaries require Resource Consent from the local Council and are generally know as Subdivision Consents.

Anyone can submit a Resource Consent application to the local Council, but most people find it prudent to employ professional services, such as ours, to prepare and lodge their application.  Many rules need to be complied with from both the District Plan and the Resource Management Act 1991 (RMA) and any subsequent amendments.

We are able to deal with the entire process, from the concept plan up to the issue of freehold titles.

We also deal with Land Use Consents.  This is when you wish to use your land for something other than that specified on the District Plan for your zone.  There are many instances when this Consent is required but one example is if your land is zoned Rural and you wish to subdivide into smaller sections with building platforms.  Since this land has not previously been used for Residential purposes this Consent is required to change the land use from Rural to Residential purposes.  This Consent may also be required for a subdivision, but not always.

Please contact us to discuss your options.  We provide a free, no obligation estimate.