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Boundary Identification

Also known as boundary flagging, boundary investigation or boundary location.

This is applied to the action of determining the legal position of a cadastral (legal) boundary on the land which can be identified by wooden stakes as opposed to survey pegs.

This method of boundary identification may now require a survey dataset to be lodged with Land Information New Zealand.

Searching of the existing survey records (plans and marks) in the vicinity is the first step, followed by mathematical calculations to determine the position on the ground.

Below are some of the reasons for needing your boundary flagged/identified by a surveyor:

  • You wish to build a fence but are unsure of your legal boundary
  • You think your neighbour's garden is encroaching onto your property
  • You are buying a property, but the boundaries are not obvious
  • You are selling your property and wish to ensure prospective buyers know exactly where the boundary is
  • You wish to add an extension to the house or establish a shed on the property, but are unsure of the boundary
  • You have a boundary dispute with an adjoining neighbour

If you are building a fence on or near your boundary, you must ensure you do not encroach on your neighbour's property as this may spark a long and costly dispute with the possible outcome being the removal of the fence.

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